Takashi Kuzuhara

Takashi Kuzuhara

Corporate Executive Officer Recruit Holdings Ltd., Co.

Chief Executive Officer RGF (Recruit Global Family)

"“Thank you” is the motivation for my business."

Corporate Executive Officer, Recruit Holdings Ltd., Co.
Chief Executive Officer, RGF Hong Kong Limited 

Mr. Kuzuhara is the Executive Director of Recruit Holdings Co., Limited (“Recruit”) in charge of the International Recruitment Business as well as the President of RGF Hong Kong, a wholly owned subsidiary of Recruit and the holding company for its Asia Recruitment businesses, with almost 50 offices across Asia, including China, Southeast Asia, and India.

Mr. Kuzuhara has been in charge of Recruit’s International Recruitment Business since 2013. During that year, Recruit expanded its footprint in Asia significantly by completing two acquisitions: Bó Lè Associates, based in China and a leading executive search company in Asia, and NuGrid Consulting, one of the largest executive search companies in India.

Recruit initially expanded its operations to China in 2007 to support the recruiting needs of Japanese companies entering the Asian market. In 2009, the international business rebranded to RGF and further extended its service offerings to Japanese companies, other multinational companies, and local companies throughout Asia. Our Group’s services cover executive search for senior executives, selection recruitment for middle management, entry- to junior-level recruitment, as well as campus recruitment for top university graduates.

RGF’s roots are in Recruit, which has more than 50 years in the human resources business. Recruit is the largest HR services company in Japan and has led the industry there since 1960. In its most recent fiscal year, consolidated revenue for the 109 companies in the Recruit Group exceeded US$14 billion.

Leveraging Recruit’s long history and experience, Mr. Kuzuhara aims to evolve RGF into recruitment services that will support society and allow people to “meet your opportunity”. This is reflected in RGF’s mission: To inspire individuals, energize organizations, and transcend boundaries through innovative human resources solutions.


Upon joining Recruit in 1988, Mr. Kuzuhara began his career in the Personnel Development Department of the Human Resources Division – the organization responsible for recruitment of the Group’s employees, under direct management from the CEO. Mr. Kuzuhara then worked for 14 years in the Housing Information Division. Recruit provides various lifestyle information services in areas such as housing, weddings, restaurants, travel, and cars, which all follow Recruit’s philosophy to provide “more opportunities” to customers. From 2002 to 2011, Mr. Kuzuhara managed three different departments within the Housing Information Division. In all three businesses, Mr. Kuzuhara successfully turned around a revenue downtrend by executing a shift from traditional paper delivery to online media, developing new web products, and strengthening the sales team. In 2011, Mr. Kuzuhara succeeded Masumi Minegishi – now the CEO of Recruit Group – as CEO of Recruit Sumai Company, the housing information services company. Mr. Kuzuhara led the business’s advance into markets outside Japan, mainly China, and directed the start-up of Taofang.com, a joint venture with 58.com.

Mr. Kuzuhara earned a B.A. in Economics from Hiroshima University. He enjoys playing golf on weekends.

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