Patience and Passion for Finding Solutions

Kieu Phuong Chi works at RGF Vietnam as a Career Advisor Manager. Chi's experience in recruitment has provided new and exciting career opportunities with RGF.  

How did you start in Recruitment?

After graduation I worked for a recruitment company, where I spent three years before becoming a university lecturer. Five years later and I saw an opportunity with RGF. I knew they were big in Japan, and had very professional knowledge of the industry, so I applied. I joined as a recruitment consultant, and my current position is CA Manager. 

How did your career progress?

Compared with other consultants, I had more than 3 years in this industry prior RGF and I also had good performance results. When my mentor grew the team in Hanoi City, I had the opportunity to step up to CA manager.

What other successes have you had?

One of our new clients in Hanoi City was a big manufacturing company. They were looking for a HR Manager, but it was a difficult to fill role due to the commute. It took a month, but I found the right person and it gave us a good name with our client. It taught me that, for every job, even for a difficult one, somewhere in the world, there’s always a candidate who is a perfect fit. Our job is to be patient and find them.

What are the most important characteristics?

To guarantee good results, recruitment consultants need to be hardworking, and highly responsible. This helps to maintain the reputation of both the consultant and our brand. 

Are you supported?

RGF VN ensures we’re all supported and encouraged, and with our monthly strategies and weekly meetings, we’re able to share and discuss how to improve performance and hit targets.

What motivates you?

I’ve been with RGF for a little over a year, and I want to keep learning and leading my team. Helping them become a sustainable, strong, and good-performing group is my motivation.