Lead by example

Pasakorn Suparpornhemin is currently a Career Advisor who leads a team of four people. From lecturing, to teaching companies and candidates how to be a success, Pasakorn leads by example - meeting all his challenges and educating his team to be their best. 

Why did you choose a career in recruitment and RGF?

I was working as a lecturer, but found that career security was limited. Then I got introduced to RGF and was immediately interested in the industry. I realized that my teaching skills would transfer easily – especially encouraging people and supporting them to find their ideal solution. I found out more at a seminar in Bangkok and met the former Managing Director before joining the business.

How has your career progressed?

When I joined in 2014 there were only five people in our newly formed office, and I started as a career advisor. I’m now a leader, with four people in my team.

What is your typical day?

After my morning meeting at 9am I have my main interview of the day. Then as a team we usually get together over lunch to discuss how projects are going. My afternoons are dedicated to candidate search, reviewing resumes and phone calls to schedule more interviews. I also like to spend time giving feedback to my team – helping them with their productivity and professional development.

Do you have time to relax?

Absolutely. At the weekend I enjoy playing football. We also have a very friendly and social team culture at work, so we often go to dinner parties together – or even just out for coffee.

What do you need to succeed in recruitment?

Commitment and self-motivation are incredibly important. You need those to meet targets and be able to reflect and remind yourself of what you need to do to achieve your ambitions. From a team perspective, you need to be being willing to collaborate and support each other to get work done. That way you all help to achieve success.

What's your best success story?

A safety equipment company was looking for an accounting manager. I found an ideal candidate, however the expected salary was much higher than the company's budget. I negotiated and encouraged the company to interview, so they could assess the candidate’s potential. They were so impressed they moved to a second interview and followed that with an immediate offer at the candidate’s expected salary. My experience over thousands of interviews and working with many companies means I quickly know if a candidate is a good fit. With these skills I was able to successfully place the right person in the role, and the feedback was that this is the best hire for their company.

Do you encounter any challenges?

Since I became Team Leader, one challenge lies in keeping up with my personal sales targets while managing my team. I achieved my individual target seven months in a row, however I struggled in two of these months. I needed to place high salary positions in order to achieve the original target, so I doubled my workload. It was tough, but I met the challenge and succeeded. Being able to achieve is part of the RGF mindset.