Hiroki Nakashige

Hiroki NakashigeManaging Director RGF Hong Kong Limited

"Fun will bring the people together, so the more fun you have, more people will gather, and bigger and greater things can be done."

Division Head, Selection Division, International Recruitment Business
Officer, Planning and Management Office, Recruit Holdings Co., Limited
Managing Director, RGF Hong Kong Limited

Mr. Hiroki Nakashige is the Executive Manager of Planning and Management Office, International Recruitment Business, Managing Director of RGF Hong Kong as well as the Board Director of International Recruitment Business in Recruit Holdings. Currently he heads the Selection Division which handles mid-junior hiring needs in multinational companies and Japan originated companies while also responsible for the operations in International Recruitment Business.

Mr. Nakashige started his career in NEC handling sales of network business in Europe. Joining Recruit in 2005, Mr. Nakashige worked in Human Resource Sales Department and became General Manager for Sales Department in 2009. In 2011, Mr. Nakashige became the Editor in Chief in Works Institute, a research organization within Recruit group which publishes bi-monthly magazine “Works” focusing on corporate management and human resources information.

From 2013, Nakashige was assigned as the Board Director of RGF as well as Senior Specialist of International Business Management.

Mr. Nakashige earned a B.A. in Economics from Keio University.

He enjoys playing golf and surfing in his spare time.

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