Employer Services

RGF connects your organisation with the right talent, at any level. Our regional coverage and specialist consultants enable us to support your hiring needs with innovative recruitment solutions in any location.

Find out where we can help you in the following areas:

RGF connects companies with talent. Our regional coverage as well as our specialization enables us to support your hiring needs at any level in any location.

Executives CEO, COO, Regional Manager, Managing Director, Senior Vice President, Vice President, Board Director
Senior Manager Head of business or function, industry specialists such as manufacturing, IT, pharmaceutical, logistics, or retail
Manager Sales Manager, Accounting Manager, QA Manager
Engineer IT Engineer, Product Management
Specialists HR, Legal, Finance and Accounting, Marketing
Staff Leader or staff members
  • RGF supports hiring of local staff, including those with the language capabilities needed for communicating with your headquarters.
  • RGF's regional reach allows us to source talent from many countries.