Unparalleled Candidate Database Provided by Own Group Companies

RGF has an unpararelled database of global talent in Asia. Our collective group strength will support you to find the ideal candidates.

30 million job seekers registered in China - 51jobs, Kamome

Executive to middle management level database built with over 30 years of experience in Japan - Recruit

900,000+ screened and interviewed candidates in APAC region.

Unparalleled Candidate Database


Executive placements

RGF Executive Search / Bó Lè Associates/ CDS

Together, RGF Executive Search, Bó Lè Associates and CDSi K. K. make up one of the largest executive search brands in Asia. With our successful track record in search, we’ve built a network of over 465,000 executives across Asia, and have placed over 20,000 in senior roles.


Mid to junior candidates

RGF HR Agent / RGF Select / BRecruit

RGF HR Agent, RGF Select and BRecruit cover mid to junior candidates, from specialists to back office employees. We excel in finding multilingual talent with the ability to speak English, as well as your local language.


Japanese nationals and speakers in our database.


Our screened database includes candidates from executive to junior level, who all have a global mindset. In addition, our wholly-owned job portal, Kamome, has 20,000 registered Japanese nationals looking for opportunities across Asia.